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GK Development Academy

Goalkeeper Development Academy

Through the GK Development Academy CDO provides goalkeeper training for U9-U19 Club players - at no additional charge. 

This program is a great opportunity to introduce young players to basic goalkeeping techniques and to provide experienced goalkeepers with a chance to practice and to learn more advanced skills and decision-making strategies.  

We offer a training environment designed to help goalkeepers develop the essential Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental & Social skills necessary to improve their performance between the sticks.

As goalkeepers, we have a unique responsibility on the field. We are the last line of defense but also the first line of attack. We must master the skills of the goalkeeper as well as the skills of the outfield player. Modern Soccer is changing and the goalkeeper has to be a leader who defends the penalty area & blocks shots on goal, but also a player capable of kick-starting the attack with precise distribution skills.

A modern day goalkeeper is a leader with a keen understanding of every position on the pitch. A goalkeeper who has the athletic ability to both play & perform as an outfield player as well as a stone-cold shot-stopper. They need to be a figure point on the field leading their team to success. Ideally fast, agile, quick, strong, powerful, flexible, and dynamic. We also need goalies who are sharp-thinking player’s who understand the nuances of the game. This is the breed of goalkeeper we are looking to foster.

We will break our development plans down to help improve our goalkeepers and focus on our 5 principles - 


Develop a mastery of the techniques that make goalkeeping more efficient and effective.


Develop the understanding to know both when and where to execute the proper techniques.


Develop the specific power, speed, explosiveness, balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility required of goalkeepers in the modern game.


Develop the confidence, leadership, and game awareness players need to succeed.


Encourage players to have fun and share the camaraderie of challenging themselves through soccer.


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