CDO Indoor Preseason Boot Camp

Physically Ready to Play Your Best Season of Summer Soccer 2018?


The Soccer Fitness Clinic will:

  • strengthen your muscles and make you less prone to injury,
  • increase your confidence handling the ball,
  • improve your running, jumping, sprinting and overall agility so that you don't have to feel  the aches and pains of the game.
  • Players will receive over 5000 touches per day.
  • this is conditioning, core training and burnouts with the ball.


  • July 23-27 (8am-10am)
  • $100
  • ages 7-19
  • Futsal based training/drills
  • Sporting Chance Facility
    2100 W Curtis Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705
  • 25 spaces available


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