Please use the form below to register players for placement with CDO Soccer Club.

For families signing up multiple players, the form will need to be submitted for each player individually. Use the 'check boxes' to select the age groups of the tryout session(s) that players will be attending. All players should plan to attend sessions in their true age group and notify coaches if they are attempting to "play up", as there are restrictions from USSF in some instances to limit the number of players who can do so.

With this in mind, players should plan to attend all tryout sessions to allow coaches the best opportunity to observe and place them accurately on an appropriate team.

Out of respect for all players participating in the process, please communicate clearly with coaches on accepting or declining positions with the club, as this has a knock on effect in our ability to add players and form teams.

If you are not sure about which sessions to attend, review the "Player Placement Information" for guidance before submitting your tryout registration.

For background information on the Birth Year, please review the information on the right regarding the new playing formats and rules for "playing up".

Parent/Guardian Information

Player Information
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Birth Year Matrix

Additional Information

In 2016, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) mandated a change in how teams are formed, switching from a “school year” calendar, (August – July), to the “birth year” calendar, (January – December).

In addition, as part of the new player development initiatives, there are now restrictions on the number of players who can play in an older age group ‘between formats’. The rationale for this mandate is to ensure the majority of players are involved in age appropriate, small sided games for a longer period of their early soccer years. For several seasons, CDO Soccer Club has been taking a proactive-progressive approach in adopting initiatives like small sided formats to further the development of the players in the club and therefore welcomes this initiative by US Soccer.

More information on the new playing formats, game durations, and basic rules, can be seen by clicking on the following link "2017-2018 Playing Formats"

What began in the 2016-2017 season and will continue in 2017-18, a team cannot have more than 3 players “out of age/format”. That means that an entire team of younger age players cannot "play up" if it means they have to change game format (e.g. a U10 7v7 team attempting to play at U11 9v9).

Within the same "game format", (11v11 for example), the 3 player maximum restriction does not apply (e.g. a '01 team comprised of 1 player born in 2001 with 15 players born in 2002)

See the current schedule of player placement sessions

NOTE: It is possible that this schedule can change so please double check the times and field location prior to attending a tryout session.

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