Please use the form below to sign up for our 2021-22 season.  This sign up is for players born in birth years 2013 (U9) to 2003 (U19).  Our player placement period runs April 25th  thru May 9th 2021.  Submitting the form below will put you on our mailing list to ensure you receive information when final schedule dates and times are published by age groups.

Player placements are free to attend.  Out of respect for all players participating in the process, please communicate clearly with coaches on accepting or declining positions with the club, as this has a negative effect in our ability to add players and form teams

Use the 'checkboxes' to select the age group(s) of the team(s) the player is interested in being placed.

During this time of uncertainty, as always, our main priority is the safety and well-being of the players and community. We continue to monitor the situation and follow the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) governing bodies. Based on this ASA guidance, there may be social distancing and safety guidelines enforced.

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Player Information

    Birth Year Age Group Format
    Notes: Age group nomenclature - U5 = "Under 5", etc.
    2017 U5 4 v 4 (PDP)
    2016 U6 4 v 4 (PDP)
    2015 U7 4 v 4 (PDP)
    2014 U8 4 v 4 (PDP)
    2013 U9 7 v 7
    2012 U10 7 v 7
    2011 U11 9 v 9
    2010 U12 9 v 9
    2009 U13 11 v 11
    2008 U14 11 v 11
    2007 U15 11 v 11
    2006 U16 11 v 11
    2005 U17 11 v 11
    2004 U18 11 v 11
    2003 U19 11 v 11

    Additional Information

    In 2016, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) mandated a change in how teams are formed, switching from a “school year” calendar, (August – July), to the “birth year” calendar, (January – December).

    In addition, as part of the new player development initiatives, there are now guidelines on the number of players who can play in an older age group ‘between formats’. The rationale for this guideline is to ensure the majority of players are involved in age appropriate, small sided games for a longer period of their early soccer years. For several seasons, CDO Soccer Club has been taking a proactive-progressive approach in adopting initiatives like small sided formats to further the development of the players in the club and therefore welcomes this initiative by US Soccer.

    More information on the new playing formats, game durations, and basic rules, can be seen by clicking on the following link "2020-2021 Playing Formats"

    What began in the 2016-2017 season and will continue in 2021-22, our teams will continue to limit play “out of age/format”. That means that an entire team of younger age should not "play up" if it means they have to change game format (e.g. a U10 7v7 team attempting to play at U11 9v9).