If lighting strikes 10 miles or closer of training / playing area, everyone (players, parents, and coaches) MUST LEAVE THE FIELD and enter either a building or vehicle.  Coaches shall monitor lighting strikes using their phone WeatherBug app (or similar tool) and alert all players, families, and coaches at training / playing venue to seek shelter due to lightning warning.

Everyone must wait a MINIMUM of 30 minutes from the most recent lightning strike within 10 miles of playing / training area.  Only coaches / club officials can declare the fields safe for use after a lightning warning.


Field conditions will be evaluating by city and county to determine when fields shall be closed for use.  Oro Valley (Naranja and Riverfront Parks) announce field closures on their Facebook page at  We makes every effort to share closure announcements on our Facebook page at however, it is recommended coaches and families monitor both pages for field closure announcements.


Under high heat conditions, it is the responsibility of all parties (parents, coaches, and players) to provide safe conditions for players.  Parents and players MUST bring an adequate amount of water to training to maintain proper hydration.  Proper hydration starts with parents and players at home before training starts.  Coaches shall be cognizant of heat conditions and symptoms of dehydration while providing adequate water breaks during training.