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In this section you will find links to information within the CDO Website as well as to resources from external websites.


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Player Placement & Tryouts

CDO Soccer Club holds player placements each season during the open tryout window of May 1st - July 1st as defined in the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) bylaws. During the open tryout window players may freely attend placement sessions of any AYSA member club without restriction. Outside of the defined open tryout period, any player registered with an affiliated AYSA organization, must get their home club's permission in order to participate in any practices, games, tournaments, or tryouts/evaluations with another club.

The process of player placements and tryouts varies by age group and the nature of the team.   For instance, in the U5-U8 age groups no player placements are held.   In this age group open enrollment within our Player Development Pathway (PDP) is held starting May 1st and remains open until all spaces are filled.   Click Here to Enroll!

For players in the U9-U10 age groups we also have open enrollment but players are asked to attend player placement sessions. Players are placed into training groups once we have an idea of how many players we will have in the program.

Older teams U11 and above, (in particular CDO Gold or CDO Premier teams) generally conduct tryouts each season. 

CDO Soccer Club 2015-2016 Tryouts (U11-U18) - click here to sign up (no payment required at this time)

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The information in this section is designed to engage, and educate parents with information about youth soccer.
1) Click Here to see the 6 pillars of a Fulfilling Youth Soccer Experience
2) Click Here to improving your spectator skills
3) Click Here to access Parent Resources at US Youth Soccer

Additional resources and information will be added periodically.

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In this section you will find information on ways to help you son or daughter be at their best.
1) US Youth Players Guide

Additional resources and information will be added periodically.

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The information in this section is designed to provide parents with information about the Laws of soccer. In particular, we have include video links that do a nice job of explaining Offside (Law 11) and The Field of Play (Law 1).
1) Click Here to learn about Law 11 - Offside
2) Click Here to learn about Law 1 - The Field of Play
3) Click Here to read about ALL the Laws of the Game


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If you have questions and are not sure who to contact, this section list a few possibilities for you to try.
1. For questions about your practice schedule or game schedule contact your team manager or coach
2. If you do not know your team manager, contact the Team's Manager Representative using the form below
3. For questions about uniforms, contact the Uniform Coordinator using the form below

Additional references and Contact Form are Coming Soon


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If you're looking for a form check the list below.

Links to Registration and other forms is Coming Soon


[toggle title="Volunteer Opportunities - Strength United is Stronger"]

CDO Soccer Club is a community based, volunteer run, youth sports organization. When all members of the club work together we are able to provide our young athletes with the best soccer experience possible. As the saying goes, “Many hands make lite work”.

Having members take key roles in the club such as Coaching, Managing a Team, Board Member, or Event Coordinator is certainly needed, but beyond that there are many additional ways to contribute. Here are some ideas on how you can contribute:

-------- List of Volunteer Ideas Coming Soon --------

In addition, the club does send out volunteer requests through the online tool Signup Genius. Click Here to see the list of of all current and previous volunteer opportunity postings.



[toggle title="The Soccer Family Tree: Clubs-Leagues-Associations"]

In this section you will find information that explains the overall structure for Soccer in the US and how CDO Soccer fits into that structure.

There are several national level youth organizations that report to US Soccer which is the governing body for Soccer in the United States. The national youth organization for CDO Soccer Club is US Youth Soccer.

US Soccer -> US Youth Soccer -> Arizona Youth Soccer Association -> CDO Soccer Club

Click Here to see the Full Soccer Family Tree

US Youth Soccer is organized by State Associations and groups of associations form Regions. The Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) is part of Region IV. Click Here to see a map of the US Youth Soccer Regions. US Youth Soccer and the state associations hold annual tournament events which allow teams to compete for state championships, regional championships, all the way to national tournament games.

CDO Soccer teams play in various leagues. Our local league is Pima County Junior Soccer League (commonly referred to as PCJSL). The league is responsible for grouping teams into divisions and flights, scheduling games, and all other aspects of conducting the league play such as scheduling fields and providing referees. PCJSL fits into a league hierarchy where gold flight teams U13 and above can be promoted to State League. Click Here to go to the PCJSL Home page.

The Port of Subs league is similar to PCJSL but accommodates teams in the greater Phoenix area. Given the size of the Phoenix area the Port of Subs league is much bigger than PCJSL. NOTE: CDO soccer club teams could apply and play in the Phoenix area Port of Subs league although that would require a team to travel to Phoenix every weekend for league play,