Determination is an important trait to have as an athlete, it has to drive you and push you forward.

In this task please look at the opening 2 pictures -

  • First picture shows a number of characteristics associated with determination, both good and bad and also players and scenarios that may relate to some
  • Second picture shows a quote and picture relating to the harder side of determination

Once you have looked at the first 2 pictures move to the third and write down your answers to the questions, look to write a short paragraph for each one.

Now watch each of the 4 videos.

Once you have done this answer the questions again and now answer the additional question. The additional question should be a paragraph as well.

Finally compare your answers with ours.


Remember determination is not always about singular moments, determination is a powerful personal character trait where you are intent on achieving goals, those goals could be long or short term.  However being too determined to achieve a goal can lead to obsessiveness or you being unable to see difficulties.  After you make a firm decision to proceed on a task or goals, you may run into roadblocks and obstacles and it is your determination that will keep you going.