Team Managers

Dear Managers,

The job of Team Manager is one of the key volunteer positions within the club.  The Team Manager position is also one of the more challenging jobs within the club.  As the name of the position implies, you are indeed a “Manager”.   You will probably find that your families will count on you to make most decisions and be the main source of knowledge for all events.

To help you with this job a Team Managers manual has been assembled.  This manual contains the collective knowledge and experience of past and present Team Managers.  It is generally organized in the chronological order of events that you’ll need to work as Team Manager.  In addition, there is also a “Frequently Asked Questions” section that is intended to answer most of the concerns you may have.  

Like any good reference, this document is always adapting with new and improved information.  As a member of the CDO Team Managers group, you are encouraged to submit ideas to the manual that you feel will help others better manage their team(s).