The national mandates allow a maximum of three (3) players to play 'up' between playing formats (4v4, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11). There are no exceptions to this rule.

In other instances outside of the mandates, it depends if this is developmentally appropriate for your son or daughter.  The birth year age group mandate nationwide was for developmental purposes.  Therefore, it is the policy of the CDO Soccer Club that players may only be allowed to play out of their birth year age group in the following cases:

  1. Where playing up would allow a boy or girl to continue to participate in the event a team could not be formed in the true birth year age group.
  2. Any player in the high school age group may play “up” on an older age team, although this should only occur if it is in the best interests of player development.
  3. Where the player, in the opinion of the Director of Coaching and the age group coaches, would benefit in their long term soccer development by playing “up”, Typically this means being one of the top 3-4 players in the older age group by coach consensus.
  4. At the discretion of the Board of Directors of CDO Soccer, or at the request of the Director of Coaching.  In the event of a dispute or conflict of interest between coaches/Director of Coaches, the Board of Directors shall make a decision by simple majority.

Tryouts will take place starting on or around May 1st every year for play starting in August.  Check the announcements section or the event calendar for the latest dates and times. Once placements are complete, those selected and those not selected will be notified. If your child is selected, you will receive an email/call with instructions for acceptance and registering online.

Our objective is to find a place for all players wanting to play at the club. Each player will have an acceptance deadline in which to register online. If that deadline is missed, your spot may be offered to another player.

AYSA Policy 5171 governs the movement of registered players outside the May 1st - July 1st window. If a parent of a player from another club, (that registers through Arizona Youth Soccer Association), wishes to speak to a CDO coach or manager about joining CDO outside this date window, you must obtain written permission from your son or daughter's current club before doing so.

Signing up for our tryouts is not a breach of this policy, as the list of names remains confidential and the tryouts begin on or after May 1st.

If you are a parent in CDO SC and a coach/parent from another club contacts you or your son/daughter directly outside of this window, (before May 1st/after June 15th) or via a third party, please contact a CDO board member, as this is "poaching" and a breach of the state rules.

For more information click on the link: AYSA Bylaw 5171

CDO Soccer Club has something for everyone - this means that we aim to improve the soccer ability and knowledge of every player we come into contact with and develop a lifelong love of the sport.

There are several types of teams/groups:  Player Development Pathway (PDP), Club Blue/White (Recreational) and Gold (Competitive).

Player Development Pathway for kids aged 3-8:  These age groups train in-house once or twice a week. The emphasis is on enjoying the game first and foremost then learning individual skills and comfort on the ball. Speed and agility development are also apart of the training sessions all while learning the basics of the game.

Blue or White: Club teams that are CDO Blue/CDO White are typically the second/third teams in that age group - Some of these teams are tryout based, others are open registration, it varies from team to team.

Gold: These teams are the top teams in our program and require annual tryouts/ongoing assessment in season for all players. They typically play in the top flight of the County League or in State League.

CDO teams typically train at Naranja Park, Riverfront Park and Crossroads Park, covering Oro Valley, Catalina, Marana & Continental Ranch.

Training sessions can start at early as 5:00pm for our youth teams and as late as 8:45pm for our older teams.

Younger players train for 60-75 minutes twice a week. Older players train for 60-75 minutes, two or three times a week.

Free specialty training sessions vary in length/location. Contact your Coach/Team Manager for specifics.

Specialty Training

Costs are determined every other year when uniform contracts are negotiated. For current prices, contact your Team Manager or The Shop directly.

Our uniform supplier is The Shop, which is a local soccer retailer that provides all the benefits of online ordering and shipping coupled with the trusted brick and mortar store front in our local community. You can check out the CDO ordering portal for all of your CDO kits and fan gear at the CDO Uniform Page

Note: There will be no exceptions to the club uniform. Our teams will only wear the authorized match kit items for PCJSL and AYSA sanctioned matches/tournaments - no exceptions.

Players will play the equivalent at least one half of all PCJSL league games and at least 15 minutes in all other games. (If a team has two games, it is feasible for a player to play a quarter of one game and three quarters of another game to meet the minimum requirement).

The coach makes the decision on tournament play above the 15 minute minimum. In league or tournament play, other factors such as infrequent attendance or poor conduct at practice may play a role in reduced playing time, but this is something the coach should indicate to the player and parent in the event of such an occurrence.

At CDO we take pride in developing soccer players, and that does not happen by kids spending the game sitting on the bench.

This policy will be adjusted coming in the season 2021-2022.

CDO registration fees cover a variety of expenses that are incurred during the year - it is an annual fee, not a seasonal fee. Here is a breakdown of the sort of things your registration fee pays for:

State registration - The cost of registering players with the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA), which includes player insurance.

PCJSL registration - The cost of registering players with the Pima County Junior Soccer League (PCJSL), the place where the majority of CDO teams will play their league soccer.

Referee fees for the approximately 10-15 league games most teams will play over the course of the year.

Field set-up fees for league games - the cost of having someone go and set up the nets and corner flags at PCJSL games throughout Tucson.

Floodlight and facility fees for training and games at Oro Valley parks - Oro Valley charges us for the use of the fields and the lights.

Club administration - for expenses such as office supplies, website, day to day expenses incurred by the club.

Coach education budget - to help improve the quality of coaching, CDO allocates a budget for education to allow both professional and volunteer coaches to take part in licensing and further education courses.

Equipment budget - to provide training materials and supplies to our coaches, such as cones, pinnies, speed ladders and other miscellaneous equipment.

CDO soccer club is a non profit organization (501 (c)(3)) under the Pima county Soccer League (TAX ID EIN 51-0166697)

Our Player Development Pathway (PDP) for 3-8 year old players is coached by volunteers but is guided by our Professional Coaching Staff at no cost to you. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach, contact our Director of Coaching to find out how.

Recreational/Competitive Coaching costs are determined based upon the licensing/experience of the coach in addition to other factors.

Each team operates slightly differently, although many principles remain the same.

The monthly costs are determined by the individual coaches who are independent contractors to the club, but what they can request is based upon club oversight to make sure coaches cannot overcharge for their services - There's a great chance you're paying less than you would at other clubs offering similar services.

Coaches are in effect salaried by the monthly fees, so it is important that all monies are collected by the team manager 7 days prior to the end of the month, to cover the following month of dues.

In the event of game or practice cancellations due to inclement weather, scheduled holidays,etc, no adjustment can be made to the fees. In the event a coach misses significant amounts of time, the Director of Coaching should be notified to review the circumstances.

CDO teams may choose to add a paid assistant or add a monthly stipend to offset tournament and other miscellaneous expenses, but these are both completely optional and determined by each team.

Teams with families requiring financial aid, (no ability based scholarships are allowed), can agree to offset the costs of individual players. For example, if a squad of sixteen players have two players requiring partial or full financial support, the other fourteen players can agree to pay the monthly installment on behalf of those players. These arrangements are made by individual teams and overseen by the team manager.