• Elite Performance Director
  • 99G Gold Head Coach
  • 03B Gold Head Coach
  • 05B Gold Head Coach
  • 01/02G Gold Trainer

Coach Profile

Micha Hoskins is our new Elite Performance Director, joining us in July from a pro club in Germany - here is some more information about him.


After my first visit here with CDO I was immediately convinced of the Club culture at CDO Soccer and know I will get great support from you.

I look forward to meeting you all in summer and hope that you choose to stay at CDO, no matter what age or team your child gets selected.

Last season I worked in the Youth Development Center from the 1.Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, responsible for the U16 Team. The VfB Stuttgart center is one of the best development places in Germany -a large number of Bundesliga players were educated there.

Before I was signed by the VfB Stuttgart I worked in a Youth Development Center in Aalen (VfR Aalen) with a U17 Team. Their first team played in the 2.Bundesliga of Germany during my contract (Second National League); we were licensed as an official DFB Youth Development Center for the German Soccer Association.

Before this, my first Pro Soccer experience was again coaching at VfB Stuttgart. There I coached the teams from U14-U16. During this time I got to know a lot of interesting talents and the way to coach them.

After this time in youth soccer I also worked with adult teams. Altogether I have been working as a coach for 21 years and have collected a lot of experience and expertise which will be an asset coaching teams at CDO Soccer Club.

I wish to improve my skills and to share my knowledge with coaches and players at CDO. I would be very happy, if you could help me, to help your kids to improve. Because development of talent needs the right environment to be successful, please find enclosed further information to my soccer achievements.

Discipline (Behavior, Language, Punctuality, “Soccer first”)

  • Responsibility (Self-reliance, Overall (Team) responsibility, Dress Code)
  • Show Respect (to Teammates, Coaches, Referees, Opponents, Audience)
  • Hard Work in every practice
  • Identification with Soccer, Club, Team

Coaching Experience

Training & Education

Micha has worked with the following youth players in Germany that have gone on to become professional players:

  • Bernd Leno (Bayer Leverkusen, 1.Bundesliga, Champions League)
  • Simon Zoller (1.FC Köln, 1.Bundesliga)
  • Alexander Merkel (AC Milan, Italian (Italian Champion, played Champions League)
  • Sebastian Hertner (Erzgebirge Aue, 2.Bundesliga)
  • Sebastian Vasiliadis (VfR Aalen, 3.Bundesliga)
  • Loris Karius (FC Liverpool, Premier League)
  • Manuel Janzer (Holstein Kiel, 3.Bundesliga)
  • Joseph Gyau (Sonnenhof Großaspach, 3.Bundesliga)
  • Steven Benda (1860 München, 2.Bundesliga, Goalie)
  • Nico Rodewald (VfR Aalen, 3.Bundesliga)