• College Advisory Program (CAP) Director
  • Head Coach: CDO U17 (2004) Boys
  • Head Coach CDO U13 (2008)Boys
Erik Wolfe

Coach Information

“Coaching is not about trying to mold only the biggest, strongest, and fastest kids into superstars, but rather its intent should be molding any individual into a well-rounded player who progresses over the course of each training session, match, and season from these five standpoints: physical, mental, psychological, tactical, and technical abilities.

In a day and age where people want or expect instantaneous results, coaches should step back and remind one another that focusing on player development should always be the primary goal. Results come with time, and if we adopt a results-first mentality, many players are marginalized and may lose the love for the game, and after all, soccer is a GAME! Additionally, focusing solely on results often limits a player to what they need to achieve only in the moment to win instead of striving to become the best player they can possibly be. In a global sport, there are players everywhere seeking to be better, and those who are the most motivated and dedicated to the task of improvement in all aspects ultimately achieve the best results.”


Coaching Principles:

  • While some may wear armbands, I hope that every player acts as a captain on the field. This means respecting the officials and parents, players, and coaches from both teams.
  • I have always said that I want my teams to be the most physical, yet legal team competing. Engaging in gamesmanship is not the appropriate path to victory or developing as a top-notch player.
  • I expect players to keep an open mind. Coaches are individuals. Simply because you have never learned via a certain method does not mean it is wrong. This is a lesson to learn for play beyond the high school and club level.
  • Our time is limited as a coach. Players seeking to improve as much as possible should pursue opportunities to improve beyond official sessions. There are many effective and fun ways to do this. There are also many ineffective and counter-productive means unfortunately. Unsure how to go about doing this effectively then? ---- Ask!
  • Abide by your commitments. Signing up for a team and skipping sessions and games not only does a disservice to yourself as a player, but to your teammates and coaches. Soccer is beautiful for many reasons, but one of the greatest reasons is that individual brilliance still requires a team to allow for it. No one player has ever won an important match while playing 1 v 11. Make the most of every moment whether it be during a  training session or game. You must be present to make this a reality, though!

Coaching Experience

  • CDO Soccer Club (2004-Present)
  • Ironwood Ridge HS Varsity Head Coach  (2003-08, 2016-Present)
  • Individual Trainer (2005-Present)
  • Ironwood Ridge HS Varsity Assistant Coach (2015-16)
  • Dinamo Soccer Club (2003-04)
  • Ironwood Ridge HS JV Head Coach  (2002-03)

Training & Education

  • NSCAA Premier Diploma (Good Pass)
  • NSCAA Advanced National
  • USSF B License
  • USSF C License
  • USSF D License