• Technical Development Coordinator
  • Head coach - CDO U9 (2012)Boys
  • Head coach - CDO U11 (2010)Boys

Coach Profile:

"Coaching is a skill that takes patience and time to get good at. In this day of age many coaches look at who is the biggest and fastest and more importantly who can win them games right now. I believe coaching should be about teaching kids how to play and love a game as much as you do. If your player gets progressively better every training session, works hard to make himself and there teammates better and you see it come together and in games, then I’m doing my job.

In today’s game where players and parents want to win right now, I think they need to take a step back recognize winning takes time. Winning is a product of good development and developing your child is something that doesn’t happen overnight. So sit back enjoy watching your child's grow both in their abilities but also in their understanding of what it takes to become a top notch player.

When I was in England with one of my teams, they were training in the Man City Academy and I asked one of their coaches, “What’s the difference between American players and everyone else.” He responded, “We develop soccer players, you develop athletes.” That comment I think rings true, because I have seen kids who are talented and possess that soccer IQ and that desire to be great but get bumped for a kid who is just bigger and faster. There is a time when winning becomes more important, but if our sole focus is on winning, we forget they are just kids who love to play a beautiful game with their friends."

Training & Education

  • NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
  • NSCAA National Diploma
  • USSF C License
  • USSF D License
  • USYS Youth License