Team Role / Experience

  • Head Coach: CDO U15 Blue (2005-06) Boys
  • 3 + Years as Head Coach
  • Referee Experience
  • Payed since 5 Years Old (Love the game!!)

Training and Qualifications

  • USSF F, E, and D Provisional Licenses
  • USSF Grassroots Intro
  • USSF Grassroots 11v11
  • AYSO Intermediate Coach
  • AYSO Intermediate Referee

Coaching Principles

  • Safe Environment
  • Hard work is rewarded; “No short cuts to success”
  • Respect everyone and everything (starts with yourself)
  • Health and nutrition
  • Accountability of players
  • Fun and love of the game
  • Short and Long-term season goals:
  • Competitive in play (short-term)
  • Continuous Arc of Progress
  • Success will be measured by progress, not wins/losses
  • Focus on technical ability, tactical knowledge and understanding, physical fitness and
    health, psychosocial experience
  • Expectations of players and parents:
  • Realistic Expectation / Encouragement
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Appropriate match day behavior