CDO Soccer Club is a community based, volunteer run, youth sports organization. When all members of the club work together we are able to provide our young athletes with the best soccer experience possible. As the saying goes, “Many hands make lite work”.

The CDO Volunteer Policy requires each family complete up to 10 hours of volunteer time over the course of one soccer year (July 2nd to April 30th of following year). There are many opportunities to earn credit towards completing the 10 hour volunteer commitment.  Announcements are sent as opportunities arrise. Coaches, Team Managers, and Special Event Coordinators (e.g. CDO Picnic) automatically fulfill their family commitment.

As part of a members responsibility, they are asked to agree to a 10 hour per family volunteer commitment.  If members choose to opt out of volunteering, they may be penalized up to $10 per player  drawn from teams account.