The FC Tucson Youth Alliance clubs are working together to enhance the game of soccer in Pima County!

At times during the season we will be collaborating to pool some of our 2500 players to offer a different youth soccer experience for kids on all levels of team.

Players will still register as normal and play as teams under their usual club affiliation during the season, but with extra opportunities to integrate with players from other Alliance clubs on specific weekends.

  • Team training: Alliance club sessions by age group - players from Alliance clubs come together on set dates and are mixed together for practice sessions
  • Tournament play - on fixed dates, Alliance players from multiple clubs will come together and integrate and play in tournaments under the FC Tucson umbrella
  • Development Centers - players from Alliance clubs will have access to inter club age group training sessions with professional coaching
  • Center of Excellence - promising players from Alliance clubs will have advanced training with elite coaches

Our club motto at CDO Soccer Club is "Strength United is Stronger"...with this new Alliance and all of these new opportunities, it certainly will be!