A Message from our President

CDO Soccer Club is helping to grow and expand the game of soccer in the U.S. The programs and activities of the club aim to educate our membership about the game of soccer, inspire and educate new coaches, encourage members and players to become referees, and most importantly, to develop our young soccer athletes into lifelong soccer players.

CDO Soccer Club is a community based volunteer run, non-profit youth sports organization. We have many dedicated members who work tirelessly to provide the best soccer experience we can for our families and young athletes.   The programs we provide range from the development of fundamental skills within our player development pathway (PDP) for players U4 - U8  to building upon those fundamental skill in our U9 - U19 competitive programs.

I am always looking for ways the club can engage in community activities and by doing so we help set a good example for our young members by demonstrating the value of giving back and participating in community service. Building and growing a strong sense of community for our members is one of my primary goals as Club President. Working together we are able to do great things, that is why our club motto is “Strength United is Stronger”.

If this sounds like an organization you’d like to belong to, then go to our registration page and join the CDO Family.  Want to learn more?  Take a few moments, explore our website.  If you still have questions fill out the contact form and one of our members will do their best to help you.

Casey Rouintree - CDO SC President

A Message From our Coaching Leadership

CDO Soccer Club - Strength United Is Stronger

CDO Soccer Club has provided soccer opportunities for players of all ages and abilities since 1981.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for kids no matter where they are on their journey in the sport, whether that's playing for the first time or seeking to play in the highest levels of the game.

The 2020-21 season is going to be very exciting as we look to show that our club motto rings true - "Strength United Is Stronger".

"Our mission is to help develop players towards a high level of comfort and confidence on the ball and towards a high rate of success in performing their role on the team. I believe this can be achieved at all levels of the game." - Neil Radley CDO Director of Coaching

Our philosophy is simply that of helping develop successful players/people on and off the field. We take a holistic approach which focuses on the development of the necessary skills each player needs to be successful in the game. Our focus is on the individual player themselves. Believing and knowing that by developing each players’ individual skill set they will form excellent teams.

At CDO we realize that each player develops in a different way and over a different amount of time. No two athletes are the same.  Our philosophy is based on technical ball skill, with tactical theory, and the work necessary to refine this skill, which in turn, will allow the player to graduate to the next level of the game.

We firmly believe in a positive culture and environment where players can learn through teaching and understanding.  Our coaches treat each player with respect and focus on teaching this quality to the players as well.

We like to view our coaches as teachers, and we break down training and matches based on the ages we are coaching, we like to think of the field as a classroom filled with age appropriate content.

We know that this game is about the players, we want to nurture them, help they grow in a fun learning environment that encourages, effort, hard work and development.

Welcome to CDO Soccer Club!