One of our main objectives at CDO Soccer Club is to help players develop a passion for soccer, whether it’s playing at the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA level, continuing to kick a ball around with friends in local leagues or giving back to the sport through coaching, having a lifelong connection to the best sport in the world is something we hope to instill in every player who comes into our club.

CDO Soccer Club has helped many players in recent years that aspired to play soccer at the collegiate level to do so.  We have recently expanded the assistance provided by the club to help educate players and parents in the college search, recruitment, and application process though our new College Advisory Program (CAP) and Soccer Recruits web based management system.

Many players, parents, and even coaches and clubs are not well informed when it comes to athletic scholarships, the recruitment process, timelines and rules/regulations of the various collegiate organizations.  This section of the website hopes to provide a practical and realistic view of college soccer, as well as providing useful resources for all involved.

Recruiting services have thousands if not tens of thousands of highlight videos, (that coaches don’t have time to watch), soccer clubs may have links to a large number of two and four year schools, but what if they aren’t the right ones for your son or daughter?

Parents pushing a player to attend a school that does not offer the best academic pathway just to say “my kid got a scholarship” is not worth it…clubs doing this should be avoided, as they don’t have the best interests of the player at heart…after all, the whole point of going to college is to get higher education, soccer is just something that in some cases can be a part of that experience, but isn’t the primary factor in the decision, or at least it shouldn’t be!

98% of collegiate athletes “self-recruit” and this is the area that the CDO Soccer Club College Advisory Program is focused on.